The Basic Concept Of Teaching English For Elementary School Students

Teaching EnglishThe Basic Concept Of Teaching English For Elementary School Students

Hello readers!

I’m back with new information for you guys. It is about the basic concept for teaching elementary school students. Actually, this is for teacher, but it also can be used for parents or people who teach in institution or just teach in private course. Okey, check this out.

Teaching English for elementary school students is very important as an effort to prepare them capable to understand English in their early age. If they know and like English in their early age, I think they will get big opportunity to understand it well when they enter junior or senior high school.

Usually, students will like a lesson if they can learn and understand it easily. Well, now I will not share about the tips how to teach English for students in elementary school, but I just want to share about the basic concept that must be emphasized so that students can be easier to do their English exercises.

There are five basic concepts:

1. Reading Concept

The reading concept is the first step for students in elementary school to start to like English. Also, reading can be an interesting segment for the students to imitate the unique pronunciation and accent from their English teacher.

Usually, the students want to know about the content of the story, so they will be happy and interest in reading section. Especially, if the teacher requires the students to read and discuss the English story together in the classroom.

2. Translating Concept and Use The Dictionary

To make the students easier to do the English exercises, the teacher can ask the students to bring their dictionary. It is useful to teach elementary school students. They can understand it well by translating the words into Bahasa.

Also, to make students easier to translate, you can use matching method. So, in one reading text, you can find and write words that they never seen before and give the meaning. Then, students can match the word with the meaning by using dictionary.

3. Question sentences concept and how to answer it

It means teacher have to explain the text to the students so that they can answer it. Also, if the students understand the text well, they will know how to answer it.

Teaching elementary school students must be full of patience and do it step by step. You as a teacher must explain it as simple as possible so that students can understand it and success to finish their task. Yeah, I think that’s all the basic concept that I can give to you.

Hopefully it will be meaningful and help you a lot. Thanks for reading.


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